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A dream within a dream

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I've had all kinds of dreams when I sleep. Some are very long and strange but others are just funny. Those dreams while I sleep have always been a mystery to me, but are not part of my favorite moments. Daydreaming is what I really enjoy. I like to imagine how things would be if I do something to make them happen. They say, " It costs nothing to dream". I add that "to achieve your dreams is worth everything."

Science is all around you: Dimorphism in birds

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José: "Greetchen, did you know that there are species of birds that change their physical appearance during their reproductive stage?"

Greetchen: "Sure! It is similar to what we do when we are seeking someone else’s attention...  We just put on our best clothes!


Science is All Around You: “Blood Moon”

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Greetchen: “José, I’m almost speechless when I see the spectacular images you have shared with us”

José: “Greetchen, I’m glad you like them.  Last month we were witnesses to the so called Red Moon (or Blood Moon).  This event is part of a tetrad of total eclipses that will go on until next year.”

A virtual Puerto Rican safari on the internet

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If you ask the average Puerto Rican student the name of five wild animals, the answer will probably contain animals such as lion, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, or zebra. Rarely will they mention fauna from their own archipelago. The reason is probably that these native animals are seldom mentioned in textbooks or classrooms. Dr. Eddie Laboy Nieves has undertaken a project to change the Puerto Rican public's knowledge of their own fauna. The Puerto Rican Fauna Videoteque collects over 210 videos of animals endemic to our islands.



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