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The Yale Ciencia Academy welcomes a new class of young science leaders

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This summer, 16 young science leaders from 15 institutions across the U.S. and Puerto Rico kicked off their year as fellows of the NIH-funded Yale Ciencia Academy (YCA) for Career Development. Led by Yale University’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, in collaboration with the non-profits Ciencia Puerto Rico and Science Communication Labs, YCA equips biomedical and health sciences PhD students from historically marginalized backgrounds with the knowledge, skills, and networks they need to find great postdoctoral positions that will further their academic interests and career goals. 

Announcing the Fiona Science Student Relief Fund

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Hurricane Fiona impacted the lives, well-being, and livelihood of many college students throughout Puerto Rico. Many have had to contend with family emergencies and additional expenses, food insecurity, interruptions to their education, and spent weeks without water or electricity. Some are still dealing with these challenges. 

Supporting Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona

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On Sunday, September 18, 2022, Hurricane Fiona made landfall in southwestern Puerto Rico, the same area most impacted by the 2020 earthquakes. Fiona has left a catastrophic amount of rain and damage across the archipelago. Most people are without power and many are without water. All this, just days before the five-year anniversary of Hurricane María today, on September 20th. Puerto Rico has barely recovered from the man-made disaster that followed that storm, the legacies of which are still physically and emotionally present. 

A call to support science and the University of Puerto Rico

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As the university system that has produced (by far) the largest number of Hispanic/Latinx STEM PhDs in the U.S., the University of Puerto Rico is one of the most important scientific institutions for assuring a diverse and well-trained STEM workforce. The contributions of the UPR to education and research impact Puerto Rico's economy, culture, and social well-being. This is why we share this letter from the Alliance for Science in the UPR addressed to Judge Swain and a call to our community to show its support for the UPR and its concern about the impact of budget cuts.

Calling on scientists to endorse request for funds for a new radio telescope

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A coalition of scientists from Puerto Rico and the diaspora has launched a call asking the United States government to take into account the opinions of the Puerto Rican scientific community when planning and designing the replacement of the Arecibo Observatory and to make a real financial commitment for its construction. In a letter, the group elaborates on the scientific and educational value that the Arecibo Observatory fulfilled for many years. Among the requests, the group demands that the next project reflect the latest technological advances, preserves and enhances the educational mission that was developed in Arecibo, and has sufficient scientific personnel.

A message of gratitude and well wishes

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As we get closer to the end of this difficult year, I reflect on the privilege of being able to work for and with a community that was so important and so ready for the challenges that 2020 presented. At CienciaPR we are deeply proud of our #CienciaBoricua communityWhen we needed it most, they put their knowledge in service of society by listening, researching, informing, educating, and scrutinizing the actions of those in power throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

CienciaPR science communicator wins important fellowship to educate Spanish-speaking communities about COVID-19 in precise and culturally relevant ways.

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Dr. Mónica Feliú-Mójer, Director of Communications and Science Outreach of the nonprofit organization Ciencia Puerto Rico, has been awarded the prestigious Emerson Collective Fellowship for her work using inclusive communication strategies to bring relevant and important information about COVID- 19 to Spanish-speaking communities. Dr. Feliú-Mójer is one of only 10 people throughout the United States and Puerto Rico recognized with this honor.


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