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Scientist Support for School Strikes for Climate on March 15th, 2019

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Sarah Blesener/For The Washington Post

Middle and high school students around the world will go on strike this Friday, March 15, to express their outrage at the government's inaction on climate change. This global strike is part of a movement that began with a few students protesting in front of the United Nations headquarters in New York and before the government in Sweden. Today, these young fighters are a force for change and have viable proposals to reduce carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases in order to accelerate global warming and tackle climate change.


Students between 12 and 16 years of age have come together to create the School Strike 4 Climate movement. Their strategy is to skip classes once a week to show that this generation is determined to do whatever is necessary for the welfare of their future. Thousands of students in the United States, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and England, among others, have participated in school strikes. Little by little, teachers, environmental groups and now the scientific community has join them in their pledge. Instead of asking them to return to the classroom, let's give our leaders a lesson by protesting along with them to demand that the global climate crisis is treated as the emergency it is.


Climate and NASA scientists have drafted an open letter in support of school strikes and are encouraging their colleagues around the world to sign the document on behalf of the students. Puerto Rican scientists and graduate students working with environmental and climate issues can join this movement by signing the letter (link below) to demand actions for climate change adaptation, mitigation and risk reduction.