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The Puerto Rico Science Policy Action Network (PR-SPAN) is an initiative of Ciencia Puerto Rico that seeks to increase the participation of the Puerto Rican scientific community in the deliberation of evidence-based public policies through participatory means. We provide a platform for Puerto Rican scientists, both in Puerto Rico and the U.S., to acquire the tools and resources to get involved in public policy at different governmental scales and to add their diverse perspectives, knowledge, and contexts so that science-based policy decisions have a positive impact on Puerto Rico. 
Please complete the following form to join PR-SPAN. By becoming an active member of PR-SPAN you voluntarily agree to: 
  • Receive monthly newsletters on scientific public policy issues relevant to Puerto Rico
  • Participate in our monthly reunions
  • Organize or host a professional development webinar for the members

As a member, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Professional development opportunities to further your science policy, advocacy, diplomacy, and communication skills.
  • Access to influential members of the Ciencia Puerto Rico network.
  • Support and access to resources to lead projects and campaigns related to advancing science-based public policy

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