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SACNAS: Our colorful conference

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“De colores, de colores
Es el arco iris que vemos lucir.”

-Mexican folk song

< Much may be lost in this translation, which is why SACNAS and CienciaPR exist. So scientists can communicate in our way. Nevertheless, attempting translation to be inclusive ;) >

I came down the escalator and saw the mass of people. Thousands. Four thousand to be exact. I was in awe. All these people were interested in helping minority scientists of all colors. This conference was not just an array of myriad skin tones, but also backgrounds, cultural traditions and science.  

Postdoctoral Research Opportunity at the Crystallization Design Institute

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The Crystallization Design Institute (CDI) at the University of Puerto Rico is hiring a post-doctoral researcher. The CDI is focused on seeking molecular and engineering solutions for materials design, solid form discovery, and crystallization processes of organic molecules.




2020 Scientist Sentinels: Civic Engagement and Leadership Program

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COMPASS believes in a future where science is fundamental to solving our greatest environmental and social challenges, and where scientists who engage reflect the diversity of society as a whole. Our mission is to champion, connect, and support diverse science leaders to improve the well-being of people and nature.






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