FEMA Hosts Civil Rights Summit 3.0


Wednesday, 30 November 2022

On Nov. 29 and 30, FEMA will host the Civil Rights Summit 3.0: Back to Basics. This summit, hosted by the agency’s Office of Equal Rights, will continue the crucial conversation on civil rights in disaster activities and programs at FEMA.


The summit builds on the three-part series hosted in the fall of 2020, and the one-day event in the fall of 2021, by raising awareness of FEMA’s programs and civil rights efforts. The prior two summits focused on civil rights, accessibility to FEMA programs, prioritizing equity and creating an inclusive, community-based approach to emergency management and disaster response and recovery.


This year’s summit will focus on foundational themes, theories and issues in civil rights and will include presentations on discrimination, housing inequities, intersectionality and underserved communities. FEMA leaders will be joined by external civil rights organizations and community leaders in panels focused on understanding and addressing civil rights issues.


FEMA recognizes that continuous dialogue on civil rights is vital to the agency’s efforts to address the needs of underserved communities more effectively.


While progress has been made, there is more work to be done. This summit aims to continue a collaborative dialogue to identify actual and perceived biases impacting equal access to FEMA programs to strengthen partnerships and move forward together.


Perspectives and feedback from civil rights partners, the public and FEMA’s workforce are crucial so that FEMA can more effectively prepare and serve all communities before, during and after disasters. 


Please register here in advance to join the summit discussion! For more information, visit FEMA Civil Rights Summit – 3.0 Back to Basics | FEMA.gov.