Live transmission of Mercury's transit in front of the Sun this Monday from Rio Piedras

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El tránsito de Mercurio de 2006 retratado desde el espacio por la sonda SOHO. Crédito: NASA / ESA.

San Juan, PR, May 5, 2016 — The San Antonio College in collaboration with the Astronomy Society of Puerto Rico, invites the general public to tune in to the live transmission of planet Mercury's transit in front of the sun on May 9 between 7:12am and 2:42 pm (Puerto Rico time). The transmission will take place in the new facilities of the San Antonio College in Rio Piedras. 

The planet's transit will be trasnmitted for free through the following webpages:

For more information please contact Carlos Velázquez at 787-364-0565 or Armando Caussade at 787-531-6914. You can also follow SAPR's Facebook page at:

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