Nine people get the chip implanted

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By Huaralí Reyes Avilés / Since yesterday, nine people have a microchip implanted under their skin, providing security for them and tranquility to their families. At his 82 years, Felipe Lopez Colon, patient symbol of the Alzheimer Federation, agreed to have this device implanted, being the first in Puerto Rico carrying this new technology. “If it works or if it fails (the technology), it better be on me”, affirmed the ex- welder, carpenter and tractor operator, who was diagnosed with the disease seven years ago. The microchip contains a unique code of 16 digits that is read through a scanner available to doctors or hospitals that participate in the Cybertek company network, that distributes the product in Puerto Rico. The company has two datacenters in the United States, where the medical file of these patients is stored electronically. Thus the hospitals and doctors can obtain the data necessary to treat each person. Antonia Lassus, Lopez Colon’s wife and carer, explained that her husband is not in the last stages of the disease yet, but wanted the microchip implanted on him. For security reasons the tiny device has the size of a long grain of rice. “He is in a stage in which some days are good and some are regular. He still does not wander. But if he left the house, I’ll know where he is”, detailed the also coordinator of the Center of Support and the Multiple Services for People with Alzheimer Disease, Relatives and Caretakers of Guayama. This is the first occasion in which this , with a cost of $200, is implanted in Puerto Rico. The procedure was performed by doctors Mario Alvarez and Jose Abreu. First they cleaned a zone of the right forearm. Soon, they injected local anesthesia and they implanted the device with a special syringe. The patients cannot wet the zone and must keep it covered for a day. In this occasion the microchip was donated by the company to several Alzheimer patients and to Yesenia Bentiné, 29 years-old, who suffers from a cardiac condition. Bentiné commented to El Nuevo Dia that she was put under the procedure because er condition is delicate. Once, she already found herself alone and without the ability to give the doctors details of her condition so they could treat her properly. Maria del Carmen Quiñones and others also got the device implanted by Silva. Abreu and Alvarez are two of the nine doctors who are certified in the Island to implant the device. Both maintained that they were interested in the product because they consider it a good alternative to provide the patients with adequate treatment in an emergencie. Awilda Cividanes, president of the Alzheimer Federation of Puerto Rico, announced that soon another microchip implantation activity will be held in the Metropolitan Area.