Puerto Rican satellite PR-CuNaR2 arrives at the International Space Station

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Parte del equipo que creó el satélite boricua que viajó a la Estación Espacial Internacional en la cápsula Dragon. (Ramón “Tonito” Zayas)

The Dragon capsule, where the Puerto Rican satellite PR-CuNaR2 travels, was successfully docked to the International Space Station on Monday, the Inter-American University announced.

“Today with great excitement and pride through technology we were able to see the moment when our PR-CuNaR2 satellite docked with the International Space Station. This means that our satellite is one step away from beginning to orbit planet earth ”, said Professor Amilcar Rincón, director of the academic project.

Now, the next step will be in October, when the PR-CuNaR2 would be ejected with an extendable arm from the Nanoracks company. It only remains to wait for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to carry out rigorous tests to PR-CuNaR2 to place it in orbit 51.6.

The Puerto Rican satellite launch occurred at 3:14 a.m. yesterday, Sunday, from Cape Canaveral. He traveled in a SpaceX ship loaded with ants, avocados, and a human-sized robotic arm.

The satellite, developed by students from the Bayamón campus of the Interamericana, will study the formation and development of asteroids, planets and young stars.

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