Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust under reorganization

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Marie Custodio Collazo; mcustodio@elnuevodia.com
The new headquarters of the S&T Trust at Oso Blanco (juan.alicea@gfrmedia.com)

The Puerto Rico Science andTechnology Trust is under a reorganization and some work is on pause while an analysis of the programs and finances of the institution is carried out.  Also pending are some legal litigations and naming new fiduciaries to the general council, preferably those of high academic and and entrepreneurial status.  Six private sector seats are still empty.  The vision for the Trust is that government only acts as a facilitator.  The priorities of the Trust moving forward are the following:  projects for the scientific and academic community in the island and abroad; the creation of incubators to encourage technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual property; managed investment funds to pair with funding for startup enterprises in the island; and lastly, for the Science City (Ciudad de las Ciencias).  The goal is for the latter to have connceting corridors completed in the next 2-3 years to the Medical Center of University of Puerto Rico, the Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Botanical Garden, the Metropolitan University and the University of Puerto Rico Main Campus in Río Piedras.  

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