On-site meeting of innovation in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

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Forward Research Symposium successfully returns, bringing together leaders in science, research and technology

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Lupe Vazquez 

Chief Communications and Marketing Officer 

Trust for Science, Technology and Research of PR 



November 3, 2022, San Juan, Puerto Rico - The Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust's Research Grant program held its annual summit event today for the first time in two years to accelerate scientific activity in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

The Forward Research Symposium was held at the Fairmont El San Juan Hotel and was attended by more than two hundred students and professionals interested in the areas of research, science, technology, economic development and entrepreneurship. With a packed agenda, more than 25 speakers and panelists shared their scientific knowledge and perspectives on technological innovation. Research Grants Program Director, Andreica Maldonado greeted the attendees, highlighting the achievements of the program. She highlighted that since 2016, the program, attached to the Trust, has been holding summits and symposiums to showcase the great talent and work being done by researchers on the island, as there is no other local mechanism that offers funding and is peer-reviewed. Since its founding, the program has received hundreds of applications, which have been evaluated by experts in the field from more than 16 countries and more than 150 research institutions. "So far, we have awarded 120 grants totaling $13.8 million and a return on investment of more than $37 million. Our mission is to continue advancing science on the island, and we at the Trust are committed to continue supporting this community," stated Maldonado. 

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