UPR warns the Executive and Legislature

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By Por Sandra Morales Blanes / end.smorales@elnuevodia.com endi.com They will watch that Laws number 1 and 2 of January 1966, that grant fiscal and administrative autonomy to the UPR, are followed. The second law establishes the budgetary formula for the public university system that has 10,680 employees. “We are going to keep an eye on them so that they don’t try to alter Laws 1 and 2, and then try to take funds away from us. We stopped that this time, because of the immediate action of the university community”, affirmed Angel Santos, president of HEEND (Hermandad de Empleados Exentos No Docentes). These expressions arose in a press conference in which representatives of the mentioned coalition that groups 16 organizations of the system, presented that the Budget and Management Office (OGP) will finally honor the additional $37 million that were guaranteed under the budgetary formula. The UPR was supposed to get $789 million for the present fiscal year, instead of the $753 that the Legislature finally approved and that the Governor signed. This because the automatic increase through the formula was being stopped. The formula grants an annual increase of 9.69% of the government’s income. After claims from the university community, the $37 million will be honored through a credit line. On the other hand, the president of the UPR, Antonio Garcia Padilla, was satisfied with the determination with the OGP. “The government has reaffirmed one of the main civic pacts that the Puerto Rican XXI Century has received from the XX Century. The financing formula of the UPR is the guarantee that Puerto Ricans will count on in the future, as they have until now, on a public, democratic and nonsectarian superior education, of the highest quality”, Garcia Padilla said.