Associate Director, Education and Outreach, SEA Discovery Center, Western Washington University

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About the Position: 
This full-time professional staff position is an exciting opportunity to create, manage and coordinate educational programs at Western Washington University’s SEA Discovery Center in Poulsbo, WA. The position will develop, coordinate, and instruct marine science environmental education programs, teacher training and professional development programs and assist with securing funding support for educational programs through grants and partnerships as necessary. 

About the College/Department: Extended Education at Western Washington University had its beginnings in 1912 when the first home study courses were created for teachers. Fast forward to the 21st century where Extended Education has expanded and diversified its Western Washington University offerings in Bellingham and throughout the Puget Sound region, emphasizing community college partnerships in Seattle, Everett, Mt. Vernon, Port Angeles, Bremerton, and Poulsbo to deliver degree and learning options for youth to seniors, as well as a variety of international education opportunities.  Please see our website at

Located on Liberty Bay in Poulsbo, WA, the SEA Discovery Center is a public aquarium and marine science center, where visitors of all ages immerse themselves in the wonders of local marine life and ecosystems. The SEA Discovery Center inspires lifelong learning and a deeper connection to the marine environment through public aquarium exhibits, school field trips, educational programs, a vibrant volunteer program, and environmental stewardship projects involving the community. Previously known as the Poulsbo Marine Science Center, the facility has recently come under oversight of Western Washington University’s Extended Education. Although the Center’s name has changed, the vision and mission of the Center as an environmental educational resource for the region’s community and K-12 students remains the same. In fact, WWU aspires to expand the reach of the Center, the scope of STEM education taking place there, and the numbers of students and community members served. Please see our website at   
Position Responsibilities:


  • Develop and deliver educational programming at SEA Discovery Center: Work with SEA & WWU staff and resources to create and deliver programs, prepare, modify, and/or update curriculum, lesson plans, and/or classroom materials
  • Keep curriculum maintained and updated to address the most current state educational standards, identify and modify curriculum to respond to needs of school districts participating. Guide/lead students through curriculum activities in classroom, aquarium, theater, floating lab and other appropriate SEA facilities
  • Outline safety protocols, proper handling of marine organisms, timing and lunch logistics. Use appropriate classroom management techniques. Address specific group requests and any special needs or accommodations to be made
  • Develop and deliver or coordinate the delivery of teacher training workshops in cooperation with WWU Colleges/Departments: Design, coordinate, and execute K-12 teacher training workshops featuring/exemplifying the most current state educational standards
  • Develop relationships and partner with other organizations sharing a similar mission to create and deliver teacher training workshops
  • Manage clock hour documentation for teachers who participate in the teacher training workshops
  • Coordinate and manage educational programming in cooperation with WWU Colleges/Departments: Develop relationships with key school district, tribal, and other community educational personnel to identify needs of and recruit schools to participate in SEA Discovery Center’s educational programs
  • Manage logistics of educational program schedules, such as confirming bus transport and timing, and use of SEA facility spaces to integrate with other, co-occurring SEA programs and activities
  • Work with, coordinate, and train instructors, assistants, adult chaperones/volunteers to ensure delivery of programs
  • Support grant writing efforts and help develop innovative partnerships for educational and teacher training programs
  • Develop collaborative educational events, such as for teacher training or student scientific conferences
  • Classroom preparations: Set up and strike down/clean classrooms at the end of each teaching day
  • Provide care of specimens and animals used to teach the curriculum, including replenishing of water, feeding, etc., as needed and per protocols
  • Prepare curriculum packets, handouts, activity stations, supplies
  • Work with SEA staff to replenish/reorder consumables as necessary
  • Supervision of WWU Education student interns.
Required Qualifications:


  • Bachelor’s degree in education, environmental education, biology, environmental science or related field
  • Teacher certification (three years of highly skilled informal teaching experience, such as in museums, camps, environmental education centers, and parks, may serve in lieu of teacher certification)
  • Demonstrated ability to develop relationships with school district personnel and build partnerships with synergistic organizations and funding sources
  • Demonstrated experience developing and delivering effective educational and teacher training programs
  • Demonstrated effective teaching methodology and delivery of grade-level appropriate pedagogy, and familiarity with current state and national educational standards including NGSS
  • Experience or ability to develop place-based, innovative, and/or creative programs to serve evolving educational needs of local communities
  • Demonstrated effective classroom management skills
  • Demonstrated ability to provide effective instruction for a diversity of learning populations
  • Demonstrated emotional intelligence and ability to work and contribute in a collaborative, innovative environment
  • Demonstrated knowledge and enthusiasm for scientific investigation and marine science subject(s)
  • Demonstrated respect for marine organisms
  • Demonstrated time and project management skills
  • Demonstrated competency in technology skills including MS office suite or equivalent
  • Reliable transportation and the ability to travel and work some evenings and weekends
Preferred Qualifications:


  • Knowledge of Kitsap regional educational needs and experience working with Kitsap educational district personnel
  • Experience in providing training or leading educational activities for general public, parents, volunteers, small groups
  • Teacher certification in or experience teaching marine science, life science, biology, or closely related field
  • Knowledge and experience with 3-dimensional learning, Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, Integrated Environment and Sustainability, Since Time Immemorial: Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State
  • Experience working with a staff team to deliver programming    
  • Demonstrated collaborations with tribes
  • Demonstrated teaching that integrates science and technology
  • Demonstrated ability to use phenomena to engage students
  • Demonstrated development of high quality lessons and units designed for the NGSS
  • Experience conducting authentic scientific research