Call to end systemic racism in STEM | Llamado a acabar con el racismo sistémico en STEM

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Monday, 31 August 2020

Favor ver abajo una actualización sobre un llamado y artículo que ayudamos a diseminar en julio

Please see below an update on a call and article we helped disseminate in July


Dear Colleagues,

In July, we contacted you about adding your voice to a call to end systemic racism in STEM. We are writing to you because Science has agreed to publish this commentary, attached. However, there are two key reasons we are contacting you again. First, Science asked us to focus the commentary on the list of 10 things that the Academy needs to do to start addressing systemic racism in higher education. While the 10 points haven’t changed, their presentation has. Second, Science wants to include the list of signatories as supplemental material. Given that the commentary is changed from the original form and they are publishing the signatures, we are asking again for your signature. 

We have 2 signatory lists:

Science is requiring us to have Name, Title, Institution, City, State, Country. However, because our original list had over 1800 signatures, representing a powerful group of voices, we are asking that you include your email on the signatory page. Although this will not be included in the Science publication, it will allow us to reach out to you in the future to build on this initial effort, perhaps with a AAAS symposium focused on Combating Systemic Racism, and/or a special journal issue where we can explore these topics in more detail. 

Critically, Science has asked that we complete this task before the close of business Monday. Please add your voice, and share with other Faculty of Color and Allies. Specifically, please send to those you contacted originally so that we can easily replicate our list of signatories. Ask them to send it to more people. Let’s get 2000 faculty in each category

Thank you for supporting this effort and adding your voice to calls for change.


Paul Barber, Tyrone Hayes, Tracy Johnson and Leticia Marquez-Magana

Link to Commentary: