Forensic Anthropology in Puerto Rico

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Hello, I am really glad this site exists. I have been looking for archaeological and/or forensic anthropology projects in Puerto Rico that I can be involved in. I have been looking for quite some time with no success. As a biological anthropologist I am interested in any area where I can contribute my expertise in forensic anthropology and skeletal biology. I would appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks.


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Try searching for archeology and anthropology scientists in our member database. I know for instance, that Dr. Ortiz-Aguilu, one of our members, has done studies that fit your description. I imagine there are other members that do studies like that
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Hola: En Puerto Rico, el Dr. Edwin Crespo (del Centro de Investigaciones Arqueológicas [CIA] de la UPR-RP) es el único antropólogo forense (y físico) y es la persona más adecuada para informar sobre investigaciones en ese campo. Pueden conseguir el teléfono del CIA en el cuadro telefónico de la UPR (787) 764-0000. El árqueólogo Ortíz-Aguilú puede dar algo de información también, aunque aclaro que él no es doctor!