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We are going to make a lot of new improvements during the summer, so I'll use this post to announce the new improvements on the site as they are implemented. Please feel free to reply to the post with ideas on things you would like to see on the site or opinions, etc. If you are feeling shy about posting here, you can also contact us directly by clicking on the Contact us link (left-hand menu, last choice under Departments)


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We just uploaded the newly organized "Resource" section. We are building the different subsections, so you will see an improvement in each of the subsections soon. One of the things we are really excited about is, under "Science education=>undergraduate students" we are uploading what probably is the most extensive list of summer research programs for undergraduate students available on the internet. Odmara Barreto-Chang spent a ton of time compiling this mega list, which we hope will be a great resource to our younger users. We are also preparing a similar list summer research programs for highschool students.
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Anybody knows of good physics, engineering or chemistry research tools they would like to see in the resource section? Or research tools in other disciplines? Please let us know, we are looking for suggestions