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Hola a todos ! Estamos buscando un extraction lab technician. Adjunto el job description. Interesados se pueden comunicar directamente conmigo. 




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Saludos Elvin, 

Saludos Elvin, 

Te estoy incluyendo el job description aqui mismo por que no encuentro el link para poder attach el documento. 

Cualquier cosa te puedes comunicar directamente conmigo. 


Extraction Lab Technician

We are a product manufacturer in the medical cannabis emerging industry. We are looking for a focused and analytical individual with a high level of reasoning and logic, an energetic problem solver as our Extraction Lab Technician. Please note that this position is for a processing and not an analytical laboratory technician.


The candidate will use a variety of extraction techniques to optimize extraction of active compounds from plant tissue, and then will use various techniques to characterize and identify these compounds for effectively converting into different formulations for ingestion, inhalation, topical application and any other therapeutic form.

Requirements / Knowledge

  • Principles of biochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry
  • Scientific laboratory procedures and techniques
  • Scientific laboratory equipment and technology
  • Scientific methods of measurement
  • Chemistry student with medullar courses approved
  • Puerto Rico Occupational Medical Cannabis License - including but not limited to approving the required course for such license. (preferable but not exclusive)
  • Certificate of having taken and approved the Course of Good Manufacturing Practices accredited by the Department of Health of Puerto Rico (preferable but not exclusive)
  • Knowledge of Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Regulations and Laws (preferable but not exclusive)
  • Clean Criminal Record