Ovation Healthcare Request For Proposals: Centres to Counter Chronic Disease in Developing Countries

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Request For Proposals to Create Centres to Counter Chronic Disease in Developing Countries For more information about this RFP please see: http://www.oxha.org/memberarea/ovations-chronic-disease-initiative-rfp Introduction - One major barrier to countering chronic disease in the developing world at the moment is lack of capacity and leadership. There are too few leaders, individuals, and institutions adequately equipped to counter chronic disease. This situation has led Ovations, a US health and wellbeing company, to develop a programme to build such capacities. The creation of centres has been a successful strategy for building capacity in areas such as infectious disease. Ovations plans to replicate this success. Centres will be expected to train and develop individuals who will become leaders and be ready to capitalise on the large flow of funds that is likely soon to be available for countering chronic disease in the developing world. Ovations is devoting $15 million in funds and kind over five years to the programme and wants not just to fund centres but also to work with them. Ovations plans to partner with other organisations and raise more funds. It has already partnered with Oxford Health Alliance and the National Institutes of Health. Eligibility - Institution(s) from anywhere, including the developed world, may apply, and joint proposals that include institution(s) from the developed world and from developing countries will be welcomed. Deadline - Initial responses of not more than 2,000 words need to reach Susan Hunsanger at Ovations (susan_k_hunsanger@uhc.com) by 4 September. Further information - Questions, requests for further information should be directed to Susan Hunsanger. Responses to all questions and requests are posted here http://www.oxha.org/memberarea/q-as-on-ovations-rfp



Hi I am Dr.Suresh from India. Presently leading a research team in diabetes prevention. As you are aware that India leads the world with 42 million diabetics and this is expected to raise in the coming years. Along with the high prevalence, complications are also high. Because of the non avalibility of the specialised centres and affordibility people are not taking proper care of the diabetes and end up in complications. I am planning to start a low cost diabetes centres in India which anyone and everyone can afford. I want bring this specialised care to the middle and low socion economic population who cant think to cunsult doctors in specialised centres because of the cost. If you think you can help me in this regard I will send my proposal. I request you send my proposal intrest to some one you know so that it will help me and the pwople of India in propmotion of daibetes care and prvention of diabetes.