PhDbiochemistry, ABMM, clinical laboratory

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Greetings, Recently I was accepted to the doctoral program (Ph.D.) in Biochemistry at the UPR Medical Sciences Campus, School of Medicine to start in August 2011. I found that if you do three years of post-doctoral training in clinical microbiology (any PhD related to microbiology is acceptable for what I understood) and get licensed by the American Board of Medical Microbiology (ABMM) and/or SM(ASCP) you can be director of laboratory that diagnose infectious diseases, this having "one foot in academics and the other in clinical laboratory in hospitals" . I don't want to spend all the time in academia, basically I want to be more in clinical sciences and translational research. So has anyone with a PhD has taken this route before? P.S. also I'm gonna take the MCAT in August 2011, because is the MD or MD/PhD is better suited for this kind of research???? Thank you for your time,