Seminario/desarrollo profesional en energia nuclear

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Hola: FYI. From: In 1980, the NEED Project began as a one-day celebration of energy education. A Joint Congressional Resolution established National Energy Education Day. A Presidential Proclamation from President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the need for comprehensive energy education in our nation’s schools, a reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels, and increasing use of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency. Today, twenty-eight years later, the same message holds true. NEED and the teachers, students, partners, and sponsors who make up our network, strive to make energy education a priority in the nation’s schools. In some classrooms, that means teaching energy in art and drama, having students perform plays about coal mining and wind generated electricity. In others, it means learning more about the science of thermal and radiant energy. For some classrooms, it means learning about careers in energy today and tomorrow and emphasizing the skills today’s students will need to enter the energy workforce. NEED materials make a strong impact at all grade levels, K through 12. Many community colleges find value in NEED’s comprehensive materials as they add coursework dealing with today’s energy issues. As NEED, Washington and Lee University, the Lenfest Foundation, and the Council on Foreign Relations complete the new NEED Nuclear Energy module, plans are under way for the Nuclear Energy Conference for Educators scheduled for July 26-29, 2009. Up to 40 educators from across the country will be accepted to participant in this training program to be held in Charlottesville, Virginia. The conference will include presentations from noted experts in the field, including Dr. Frank Settle of Washington and Lee University and Dr. Charles Ferguson of the Council on Foreign Relations. THe conference is a mix of presentations and hands-on activities designed to expand knowledge of energy and nuclear energy while providing teachers with resources to take back to their classrooms and use this fall. The conference will also include a tour of the North Anna Nuclear Information Center and AREVA NP Inc.'s facility in Lynchburg. (AREVA is the world leader in the design and construction of nuclear power plants and research reactors, engineering, instrumentation, and related services to the nuclear industry.) Educators teaching grades 6-12 are encouraged to apply. All expenses will be covered by the conference sponsors. Apply online by April 15, 2009 to attend the Nuclear Energy Conference for Educators, Charlottesville, Virginia, July 26 - 29, 2009.


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Hola I am a science teacher in one small island of Puerto Rico, Culebra and I will like to participate in the Nuclear Energy Conference for Educators, in Charlottesville Sinceresly, Hilda Avila