Wu Tsai Postdoctoral Fellowships in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (deadline November 15)

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Wednesday, 15 November 2023

Are you looking for postdoctoral positions in areas related to cognition, systems neuroscience, or the interphase of computation, physics, data science or engineering and neuroscience? The Wu Tsai Postdoctoral Fellowships are now open! We particularly encourage applications from scientists who are from underrepresented backgrounds and/or who have a demonstrated commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

The program offers a generous stipend (well beyond NIH baseline postdoc salary levels) for up to 3 years, funds for training and relocation, protected time for cohort-based professional development activities, and access to cutting edge facilities of the Wu Tsai Institute (WTI) at Yale, dedicated to interdisciplinary research at the frontiers of neuroscience. International applicants are welcome.

The program features two fellowship tracks. 

  • The Experimental Track is for scientists interested in mentored empirical research projects. Applicants can propose to work with a co-mentoring team from different disciplines. We also welcome applications to work with a single mentor, but only when the fellow is coming from a substantially different field. Applicants must submit evidence of faculty interest as part of the application. Please reach out to any of the over 150 faculty members in the Wu Tsai Institute.
  • The Computational Track is for applicants interested in pursuing self-guided computational research projects with professional mentorship. Applicants should have expertise in computer or data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, engineering, applied math, applied physics, or related fields and be interested in applying this expertise to the understanding or exploration of human cognition. Applicants for the Computational Track do not need to pre-identify a faculty advisor. Instead, fellows will seek out and establish one or more project collaborations under the counsel of John Lafferty, Director of the Institute’s Center for Neurocomputation and Machine Intelligence.

The deadline for applications is November 15. Candidates can find more information, past awardees, and application instructions here: https://wti.yale.edu/initiatives/postdoctoral



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