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Given the close relationship between modern society and scientific knowledge, it is imperative that communities have the capacity to understand how science can impact their daily lives, their environment and their future. Science is inseparable from economics, politics, health and education, and the advancement of populations goes hand in hand with scientific entreprise. Since its inception, Ciencia Puerto Rico has been as a staunch supporter and proponent for informal science education for the general public.

Our goal is that Puerto Ricans, especially young people, increase their scientific literacy by being exposed to scientific articles and news. Key in this endeavor is the recognition that scientific information should be accessible to the general public, and presented in a culturally relevant context that reflects its impact on the daily lives of Puerto Ricans.

With this purpose in mind we have developed several initiatives and established partnerships with various media to report on how science affects us as a people. These partnerships would not be possible without the expertise and dedication of CienciaPR members who contribute stories or news to keep the public informed of the latest developments and scientific discoveries.

Here, we present some of the tools that members of the general public can use to keep informed about the latest developments in science and Puerto Rico:

Science Podcasts

Hear the latest discoveries relating to science and Puerto Rico through our website, on iTunes, or on the air waves.

Science News

Collaborations with various media allow us to create a bank of science news of relevance to the Puerto Rican and Hipanic communities and give a venue that our scientific members can use to keep their communities informed and engaged with science.

¡Ciencia Boricua! book

A call for essays from our scientific members in 2010 resulted in a book of essays relating science "in rice and beans" for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Scientific Organizations

You can peruse our collection of science-related organizations in Puerto Rico.

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