Scientists for Service

Científicos al Servicio facilitates the participation of professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (also called STEM disciplines) in the improvement of science education in Puerto Rico.

  • Provide students with examples to follow through visits of STEM professionals to schools
  • Inform students and teachers about the scientific work carried out by STEM professionals
  • Motivate students for scientific issues and/or pursue careers in STEM
  • Provide an expert resource for Puerto Rico science teachers
  • Provide a communication space for STEM professionals with an interest in impacting students in Puerto Rico


Profile of Scientist for Service 

  • Be affiliated with:
    • Academic sector*
    • Industry
    • Nonprofit organization
    • Government
  • Knowledge in STEM and/or advance research experiences*
  • Possess good oral communication skills
  • Have an interest in impacting students at Puerto Rican schools 

* Undergraduate students with 2-3 years of research experience will be considered to participate


Requirements to participate:

Scientist for Service

  • Comply with the profile of the Scientists for Service
  • Submit a resumé or CV
  • Submit a Certificate of Good Conduct of Puerto Rico (current)
  • Fill out the Interest Form (Avaialble SOON). Filling out the interest application will NOT guarantee that a visit will be assigned. Visits will be assigned according to the school's need and availability. 
  • Be willing to:
    • Coordinate your viista (date / time) with assigned school teacher and notify CienciaPR
    • Follow the protocol of visits to schools according to the visit guide
    • Complete forms / surveys required by the program


At the moment only teachers participating in CienciaPR's educational initiatives are eligible for this program. A request for interest will be made available to teachers in the near future. 


Resources for participants of Scientists for Service

Here you will find some of the resources shared with the participants of the Scientists at Service project