Eco-pacifist Education as a Tool for Social Evolution

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El Proyecto Ecopaz utiliza recursos educativos para proveer herramientas que nos ayuden a entender y transformar los problemas que actualmente enfrentamos.

Throughout the years, our role as agents of change in a dynamic society such as the one we live in has acquired major relevance. Our society is not only threatened by the economic challenges that are actually being faced in the world, but by the crisis that exists in what respect to the human values and its consequences in the environment.

As every evolution process entails time, every opportunity to change offers a fertile ground for the incorporation of activities that go hand in hand with the development of new knowledge. And it is precisely through the Ecopaz Project that Dr. Carlos Agustín Muñoz Osorio utilizes educational resources that go beyond being a learning channel, but also provide tools that help us understand and transform the problems that our Puerto Rican society currently faces.

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