On-site meeting of innovation in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

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Forward Research Symposium successfully returns, bringing together leaders in science, research and technology

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Puerto Rican students receive awards in prestigious scholarship programs

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We would like to congratulate Dr. Nicolle Rosa Mercado, a Borinqueña who was recently selected for the ultra-competitive Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program. A graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, Cayey, and Yale University for her PhD, Nicolle was also part of our Yale Science Academy program in 2017. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University.

Puerto Rican microbial ecologists represent Puerto Rico at ISME18, the International Congress on Microbial Ecology in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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The prestigious congress of the International Society for Microbial Ecology, brought together Puerto Rican scientists representing the science they do in Puerto Rico and other labs in the diaspora.

A pilgrimage through Puerto Rican Science

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To be in a cold, inhospitable climate, with your colleagues telling you stories of people disappearing under the snow in winter storms makes anyone second guess his decision to leave the beaches of my homeland for the cold winters of Boston.

After moving to that inspiring and musical city, somehow I learned of an initiative called Ciencia Puerto Rico, and they  had created a website. I thought: "More boricua nerds, good! What a great idea!" So I went to the site, created a profile and invited all my friends from the Chemistry Department at UPR-Mayaguez to join.

We are our volunteers

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Ciencia Puerto Rico exists and is a vibrant community thanks to the commitment, passion, and work of dozens of volunteers.  There are many who throughout the years have given their time, ideas and knowledge to make our organization what it is today.

To celebrate this, our tenth anniversary, we will be sharing stories of CienciaPR Team members. These anecdotes will highlight stories not only how our volunteers have played a leading role in the achievements of the organization, but also how they are an example that one can work for a better Puerto Rico, no matter where one lives.  

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