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Yoira Díaz-Sanabria: from environmental engineering to nuclear energy

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Engineer Yoira Díaz-Sanabria


Engineer Yoira Díaz Sanabria was always attracted to science, especially biology and chemistry. “My mother was a biology teacher and science is in my blood”. She considered going into medicine or medical technology, but at the time to decide for college she chose to study chemical engineering.

Yoira is originally from Las Piedras, the city of artisans. She was raised and attended school in eastern Puerto Rico. When the time for college came around, based on her decision to pursue engineering, her parents did not hesitate to send her to University of Puerto Mayagüez, where they knew she would receive the best education.

Unusual look at bubbles

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Idem Osorio De Jesús / PRENSA RUM

A team of scientists, lead by Dr. Silvina Cancelos, is looking at the dynamics of bubbles in the Bubbles Dynamics Laboratory. By understanding the dynamics and interactions of bubbles this group hopes to make important contributions to biomedical science and nuclear energy.


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