Más allá del aire que liberamos; burbujas que permanecen.

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Nuestro cuerpo tiene la capacidad de adaptarse a cambios en nuestro ambiente, pero cuando estos cambios son muy rápidos nos vemos afectados grandemente. Las burbujas pueden visualizarse como algo inofensivo e inútil, pero dentro de nuestro cuerpo, y en otros campos del saber, tiene un papel crucial. Cambios rápidos en la presión que es ejercida sobre nosotros puede provocar la formación de microburbujas que afectan nuestra salud.

Reconfigurable and Multifunctional Soft Materials REU– UPRM

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Nano-bubbles are air or other gas bubbles immersed in water with a diameter of approximately 150-200 nm. During the last years, they have been studied due to their great number of applications in the areas of Alzheimer disease, cancer, cleaning agents, drug delivery and gene delivery. In the same way, bubbles are the cause of decompression sickness (DCS). This sickness is related to persons working on submarines, high altitude works and more commonly, divers. When a person is diving deep and then goes up suddenly to the surface, bubbles are formed in their tissues due to the change from high pressure to low pressure. These ones can block the flow of blood in the vessels and produce a gas embolism. During this summer, I am working in Dr.

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