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Opportunity tenure-track faculty - University of Connecticut - Agriculture and Natural Resources

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The University of Connecticut Department of Nutritional Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources invites applications for two tenure-track positions available in the Department.  Both positions are nine-month full-time appointments with a 50% teaching/50% research assignment.





Illuminating the "Gray City" and the World with her Science

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Dra Lilliam Casillas
La Dra. Lilliam Casillas Martínez is Profesora en la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Humacao y fundadora del Observatorio Microbiológica Cabo Rojo.

This summer, while on the way Playa Sucia or Los Morrillos Lighthouse, many of us will drive by the Cabo Rojo salt flats. Salt extracted from the Cabo Rojo salt from salt flats—the oldest industry in Puerto Rico—is highly pure and has great commercial value, thus making it an important source of income. But, did you know that the salt flats or salterns, as they are also known, are also a large-scalen oversized Microbiology laboratory?

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