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Kimberleve Rolón received a 2015 AACR Minority Scholar in Cancer Research Award

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Kimberleve Rolón

Kimberleve Rolón received a 2015 AACR Minority Scholar in Cancer Research Award

By: Universidad Central del Caribe Press

Congratulations to Kimberleve Rolón, Ph.D. student, for winning a 2015 AACR Minority Scholar in Cancer Award to participate and present her research at the AACR-NCI-EORTC “Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics” Conference to be held on November 5-9, 2015 in Boston, MA. Kimberleve will present her abstract titled: “Combined therapy with temozolomide and PF-562271, a PYK2 inhibitor, reduces glioma tumor growth and dispersal compare to temozolomide monotherapy.”

Kimberleve is a student in the UCC-RISE program and currently conducts research under the advice and mentorship of Dr. Lilia Kucheryavykh a faculty of the Department of Biochemistry at UCC. Also, Kimberleve is currently performing her research as a collaboration in the laboratory of Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa at Johns Hopkins University.

Kimberleve Rolón-Reyes started her undergraduate studies in Biology with human approach at Universidad de Puerto Rico, Bayamón. During her studies she met professors who awoke her interest in science and teaching through their wonderful lectures and skills to transmit their passion for science. Under their supervision Kimberleve understood that she wanted to link her future professional life with scientific studies with the exploration of the nervous system functions, specifically the brain, since it has a centralized role in the control over the other organs of the body and processes of an organism.

After completing her BA Kimberleve decided to take a year off in order to participate in a research project and finally have a taste of what science work is. During this year Kimberleve was working in Dr. Lilia Kucheryavykh’s research laboratory from Universidad Central del Caribe in Puerto Rico. This laboratory is focused on glioma (brain cancer) research and she was fascinated with this area of investigation. After this research experience, Kimberleve decided to dedicate her life to cancer investigation in order to develop strategies to destroy brain cancer at an early stage as well as to develop approaches for prevention, treatment, and ultimately cure.


After a year of doing brain cancer research work as a research assistant Kimberleve started her Ph.D. studies in the cellular and molecular biology program from UCC to continue her previous research and start her scientific career. Some of her research data obtained during the first two years of work in the lab was included in a currently published paper (Kucheryavykh et al., 2012). After completing her Ph.D., Kimberleve is looking forward to maintain her emphasis in cancer investigation as well as on teaching. Her goals are to start a postdoc and establish her own research laboratory to continue studies in brain cancer.