SuSWEF: Ciencia Boricua para un Mejor Puerto Rico

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Investigadores del RUM en colaboración con peritos de la Universidad de Carolina del Sur estudian métodos para mejorar el manejo y reutilización de biomasa, optimizar prácticas agrícolas, y educar al público general sobre los problemas que obstaculizan un Puerto Rico auto-sostenible. 

The day #CienciaBoricua became visible

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Under the Caribbean sun and embraced a cool sea breeze, on April 22, 2017, over 600 scientists, students and citizens marched for science. It was a historic day for Puerto Rican science. Young and old flooded the streets of historic Old San Juan to celebrate #cienciaboricua, to demand policies based on evidence and informed by the local scientific community. We joined 600+ cities around the world to #MarchForScience.

I am in love with #cienciaboricua

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I am in love. In love with all lovers of science, scientists and citizens who were present and marched in the heat, under the Caribbean sun and expressed their love, dedication, and support for Puerto Rican science (#CienciaBoricua). We estimate some 600-700 marchers joined us. Today I thank you all. Thank you!! This is for you!

Thanks to the science teachers who dedicate themselves every day to introducing science to children and young people, those who helped us take the first step for the sake of science. Thanks to the parents who included their children in this historic event so that one day they can say I was there, I was part of that.

UMET alumnus receives prestigious NSF award

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Edwin Suárez Zayas, graduate from the School of Science and Technology and the Honors program at the Metropolitan University (UMET) received the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF-GRFP) to fund his doctoral studies.

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UPR-Mayaguez student received award from the American Society For Engineering Education

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Michelle Marrero García, is a second year undergraduate student in the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. She was awarded the Best Overall Research Award at the national conference of the American Society For Engineering Education 2017 (ASEE). 

For the full article, please refer to the Spanish version of this site. 


UPR-Mayaguez students are rewarded for their research and scientific talent

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Beatriz A. Quiñones Colón and Bethzaely Fernández Reyes, students from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus obtained first and second place, in their respective categories, during the Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM (ERN), which took place in Washington, D.C.

For the full article, please refer to the Spanish version of this site. 


Student from UPR-Mayaguez wins second place at NSF conference

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Bethzaely Fernández, doctoral student from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez Campus, won second place in the Chemistry and Chemical Sciences Oral Presentations ­category with her research project titled: Imprinted Zeolite Carbon Composites for the Removal of Contaminants of Emerging Concern from Water.

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Students from RUM awarded NSF graduate research fellowships

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Twelve students, three candidates to graduate and nine incoming students to the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus (RUM), were selected to receive Graduate Research Fellowships (GRF) awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).
For the full article, please refer to the spanish version of this site.

Science will not thank you: volunteer anecdote

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“Doing science” is to generate knowledge. The process of generating knowledge does not involve any feelings nor does it allow you to know if your findings have any value or not.

This is because science is a human and social process.  The people who give value to the new knowledge generated are the scientists themselves who are people just like you and me.

Pioneer in combined program at UPR-Medical Science Campus and Yale University

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The student Sherley Collado Justiniano, from the Department of Biology at the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus, is the first Puerto Rican to be accepted into the combined MD/PhD program of UPR and Yale University.

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