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A heartfelt thank you

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UPDATE: CienciaPR has put together an extensive list of resources for researchers and students in Puerto Rico and with ways you can aid the recovery of Puerto Rican scientists.

Thank you.

In the midst of the devastation and despair caused by hurricane Maria, our community has been a beacon of not just hope, but action. We’d like to thank the CienciaPR and Puerto Rican scientific community and its many allies around the world, who have rolled up their sleeves for Puerto Rico, from helping remove debris, to collecting donations, to writing editorials, to championing support for Puerto Rican students and researchers at their institutions. Last but not least, thank you to our staff and volunteers, who have worked tirelessly to mobilize the community, create and share resources to help Puerto Rican science recover.

Immediately after Maria, we began helping coordinate aid to scientists and students impacted by the hurricane through the following registry We have also helped numerous investigators engage their institutions in providing support. So far, we have received over 200 individual offers of aid/support in all areas of science, from all over the world!

As of publication, the registry has also received 6 requests for help. We know that as people in Puerto Rico regain communication we will receive many more. If you are or know a student or researcher in Puerto Rico who needs support, please fill out or share this registry. Presently, we are working with the Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust and contacts at academic institutions in Puerto Rico to follow up on these offers. 

We are not only grateful for everyone’s support and help, but for your patience as Puerto Rico and its scientific community transitions from emergency response to long-term recovery. As you can appreciate, this will take time.

Moving forward, CienciaPR will continue to leverage our convening power, our community’s expertise and the wonderful outpouring of solidarity and support to address longer-term issues related to education, scientific capacity-building, and science-led recovery in Puerto Rico. We are committed to playing an important role in the short- and long-term recovery and #ricanstruction after Hurricane Maria, so that we can have a stronger and more resilient Puerto RicoIf you want to support our long-term efforts, you can donate here