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Science, like love, should be celebrated everyday…

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Are you passionate about science? Do you recognize its importance in our society? Science is all around us... in what is detected by your senses and what is not. Likewise, love as defined by humans, is everywhere and in all moments. So, why choose one day to celebrate them? If we can do it every day! Here, our volunteer team and constributors share some reasons to love science and celebrate it all year. What is yours?

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Giovanna Guerrero-Medina- “I love science because by understanding life and the world around us, it makes me appreciate and be fascinated by them even more.”

Daniel Colón-Ramos- “I love science because it gives me the ability to learn something new. Everyday.”

Jaqueline Flores-Otero- “I love Science because it encourages me to be a better professional each day, while it links me to the world through the work that I do.” 

Wilson González-Espada- “I celebrate science everyday because it helps people to understand that the natural world does not need superstitious, mythical or supernatural ideas to describe and explain it; just data, evidence, and rational thought.”

Yaihara Fortis-Santiago- “I love science because it allows me to conceive, generate and share knowledge.” 

Elvin Estrada- “I am passionate about science because doing science I'm feeling like a essential tools for my community; I'm doing science to have a better society and opens new ways for our children.” 

Paola Giusti- “I love science because it is universal and infinite; we will never run out of questions to answer or problems to solve.”

Enrique Vargas- “I am passionate about science because, like love, it thrives when it is exercised with freedom and truthfulness.”

Nora Torres- “I love science because it allows me to work at the frontiers of knowledge and apply what I've learned to help crack the mysteries of nature.” 

Alexis Valentín-Vargas- “I am passionate about science because I know that even the smallest scientific contributions we make today to general knowledge have the great potential of changing humanity and the world for a better future.”

Mónica Feliú-Mójer- “I love science because it allows me to transcend frontiers—of countries, of languages—in search of knowledge and understanding of our world.”

Edwin Rosado- “I love science because there is no set path to follow while we strive to understand our world.”

Marissa Morales- “I love science because allow for limitless creativity and innovation to make things work.”  

José Almodóvar- "I love science because it will never be boring as we always have something new to discover and explore ... when you get into it, you can find more mysteries and new things."

Kimberly Cabán-Hernández- “I love science because it will always be necessary to solve the main problems of our world.”

Greetchen Díaz- "I am passionate about science, because it allows me to create in order to decipher mysteries. On second thought, like love, science allows me to think that everything is possible... until the hypothesis is rejected! "

Uldaeliz Trujillo- I love science because through it we discover, learn and communicate knowledge. In the process, we grow not only as individuals but as a society.”

Francis González- “I am passionate about science because it allows me to better understand human kind and the universe in the hope that I can leave the world in a better situation than I found it.”

Marvi Matos- "I am passionate about science because the answers we seek are not just responses to questions, but opened windows to new worlds."

Reyna Martínez - "I love science because it allows me to discover and understand the world around me guided by curiosity."

If you need more reasons to celebrate science and love it every day, do not miss the story that shared by scientist  Hope Jahren and enjoy the images at IFL Science!