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New blog: Science communication initiative of UPR-Mayagüez

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The UPRM Science Communication Initiative (SCI) was born from the shared passion of its members for science and their common interest in science communication and increasing scientific literacy in the Puerto Rican population. The initiative is composed of individuals who responded to the call made by the Academy of Research for Faculty and Postdoctoral associates to organize a platform for scientific communication at the University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez (UPRM). Its main commitment is the dissemination of Puerto Rican scientific research developed at UPRM and to educate the university community and the general public through essays and articles written by university students.

Building a soft matter research community at UPRM: Step 1. Develop and execute a REU program

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Soft matter includes a wide range of materials that flow or experience deformation when exposed to stresses or forces.   Colloids, polymers, vesicles, and bubbles are a few examples. The relationship between the magnitude and duration of the ‘deforming’ force gives rise to unique and dynamic material properties. Understanding and mastering these properties are main areas of intensive research.

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