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The Role of the Nervous System in the Taekwondo Athlete

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I have often wondered what controls my responses during a competition. There are many stimuli that affect my body such as anxiety, chills, stress during diet and weighing, tiredness, the need to rest before the competition, and thoughts about my performance. The nervous system controls all my thoughts, feelings, and movements at all times. How? Scientists have shown that the nervous system receives messages about sensations of touch, hearing, and vision directed through the spinal cord and nerves. The brain integrates the signal and conducts a response to the organs of the human body.

Strokes: Recent research advances for future treatments

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A stroke is a cerebrovascular incident in which there is a lack of oxygen being supplied to the brain. There are local ischemic strokes, where a clot blocks a blood vessel and hemorrhagic strokes, which occur due to the rupture of a blood vessel.1 Although local ischemic attacks are more prevalent (85% of cases) both cause massive neuronal death in the affected area, called the core, and less extensive neuronal death in adjacent areas, called the penumbra.

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