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New Directions: A Summary of My Research

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            This summer I have had the opportunity to explore an area of research that was completely unfamiliar to me. My project studied forced colloids in nematic suspensions via Brownian Dynamics simulations. If this sounds totally confusing to you, then you are in the same boat I was in two months ago. Don’t worry, I’ll clue you in on some of the things I learned this summer. A nematic suspension refers to a group of particles that exhibit a particular alignment along an axis. In this case, the suspension models that of a nematic liquid crystal. Due to their ordering, liquid crystals are anisotropic, meaning that their properties are dependent on the direction in which they are measured.

From Mayaguez to Madison

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            Although this summer wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities presented to me. The summer took a surprising start as I was relocated to Madison, but the experiences I have had so far have made it all worthwhile. I have the chance to benefit from the expertise of both the UPRM and UW Madison. My situation is particularly unique because I have continued to work of Dr. Cordova at UPRM and am also a part of Dr. Abbott’s lab at UW. Working with both labs has allowed me to gain a greater breadth of knowledge than I otherwise would have.

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