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I am in love with #cienciaboricua

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Dr. Heidi Morales Díaz leads a rally at March for Science Puerto Rico.

I am in love. In love with all lovers of science, scientists and citizens who were present and marched in the heat, under the Caribbean sun and expressed their love, dedication, and support for Puerto Rican science (#CienciaBoricua). We estimate some 600-700 marchers joined us. Today I thank you all. Thank you!! This is for you!

Thanks to the science teachers who dedicate themselves every day to introducing science to children and young people, those who helped us take the first step for the sake of science. Thanks to the parents who included their children in this historic event so that one day they can say I was there, I was part of that.

Thanks to the students, especially MBRS RISE students, guys, you stole the show! They chanted the whole route, they played their tambourines, they did it with emotion, their energy was contagious. You are the future of the country, we will always support you!

Thanks to the grandfathers who brought their grandchildren, doctors in their robes, teachers with their students, mentors with their pupils, citizens who want more science!! To professors Ingrid Montes and Aurelio Mercado, thank you for your words of action, thank you for your dedication, thank you for being an example to follow.

Thanks to the environmental groups, Chelonia, Earth Day and so on, let's make a cleaner, more responsible world using science! Thanks to CienciaPR for helping us, but also for creating this platform where we can connect, dialogue and expand collaborations. Thanks to the media who put us on the news, and on the radio, we need more of that, more time on the air, more opportunities to show what we are made of, because #weareallscientists.

We ask that you keep in touch because this is just the beginning. Let's go to work! Let's change the island's policy! Let's get out of this cultural crisis! With well thought out proposals, using evidence, efficient and accurate in our analysis. Let's create a Puerto Rico that stands out in critical thinking, united towards a single destiny! We can do it, I saw it yesterday.