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The email that changed my life

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This blog is part the 2017 Yale Ciencia Academy Fellows' Outreach Projects.

I remember that moment as it was yesterday. I was seating in the living room with my family chatting about school and our plans for the summer. At that time, I wasn’t sure about my plans. I was thinking of taking some free time or maybe one summer class. However, I am not the kind of person that always has a plan, so I was just waiting to see what the summer had to offer, but then something unexpected happened! I received a notification on my phone about a summer research program that I had applied a couple of months back. A lot of emotions came through my mind, so I ran to my room to read the email:

Are you taking care of your bones?

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Did you know that 5-10% of your bone is replaced every year? And that both females and males can develop osteoporosis?

Bone remodeling, the process by which new bone is formed and old bone is removed, is in charge of keeping your bones strong and healthy. This process is a continuous and tightly regulated cycle that requires interaction between two important cells, the bone forming cells (osteoblast) and bone degrading cells (osteoclast).  

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