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Practical peptides possess particularly potent pliant properties

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Truly are β-peptide synthesis and application the only subject matters worthy of an alliterative introduction. A relatively new prospect for clinical application, these peptides offer a wealth of biochemical possibilities in the future of medicine. Their unique and tailorable sequences render them utile in a variety of circumstances and milieux.

Relevant to my research this summer was a specific peptide known for its antifungal properties. My objective was to investigate this peptide’s sensitivity to different strains of yeast, especially used in conjunction with currently used antifungal medications. Though the research is yet ongoing, I have already delighted the fruits of academic labor in ascertaining enhanced effect of this β-peptide with another agent. In prospect, I would like to further the understanding of this result in determination of its mechanistic pathway.

I wouldn’t have rather spent my summer anywhere else. From my first step off the plane, I expected the patent differences in culture, climate, lifeways, &c. between the U.S. and Puerto Rico to translate to the research environment. Rather, I found the comparable caliber of research here in the Caribbean to be of comforting familiarity. And of course, the experiences I’ve had on the island are unlike any other. From the rivers of Tanama to the streets of Viejo San Juan, the mountains of Yunque to the beaches of the West, I have found myself wishing for an infinity of summer in this tropical paradise. But above all, the relationships and connections I have developed here, both with the faculty and REU students, are most valuable to me. I've met some of the most amazing people here and am very grateful for the program for having afforded me the opportunity.