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Research Experience at UPRM (REU)

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Over the summer, I have been doing research at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez with professors Rafael Mendez and Rodolfo Romanach in the pharmaceutical research lab.  It has been great getting to work with them and the graduate students of the lab.  The research is focused on using light absorption characteristics of pharmaceuticals to detect their concentrations.  The method of interest has been near infrared spectroscopy.

It has been exceptional getting to know everyone in the group and developing my knowledge in this specific field and as an overall researcher.  I have learned many things about the research process that will help me in the future.  This experience has been so beneficial to me as scientist and as an individual.  I am still in awe of how much my colleagues do to help me at work and during everyday life on the island.  Although it has been a huge step to come to Puerto Rico to do research this summer, the people I have met during this experience have helped to make it a one of a kind experience!