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Ubaldo M. Córdova: transforming research culture in Puerto Rico

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Dr. Ubaldo Córdova wants to make sure that young scientists and faculty in Puerto Rico have a support system for professional development.

Dr. Ubaldo M. Córdova knew from a very early age that he wanted to be a scientist. He confirmed this thought when he had to complete a special project for his geography class in high school. For this project, a shy and introvert Ubaldo, built a geography map of Puerto Rico. He designed a very precise map that marked the Island’s municipalities using colorful sand. Based on the sophistication of his design- where the different colors of sand did not mix and every piece fit perfectly- his teacher told him that he would become an engineer.

His innate interest to solve the complex problems of the Universe led him to study chemical engineering. In his words, “chemical engineering allows the integration of all natural sciences in an organic way.” For this reason he completed his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at the University of Puerto Rico , Mayagüez (UPRM). Although at that time the UPRM was not considered an important engineering research center, Ubaldo found a way to get involved in several engineering related projects. His biggest accomplishment was to lead a group of engineers to participate in the Décalo Solar competition sponsored by the Department of Energy. In addition, this group gave him the chance to learn about other areas related to engineering. These activities as a leader were the turning point that made him decide to pursue a doctorate in engineering, related to mass conservation, energy and fluid mechanics. 

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