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Looking for Moths Under the New Moon in El Yunque

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Above, Aura is setting the trap. Below, holding the densiometer, and separating the collected specimens.

I was thinking of two things while walking: that my legs could not hold me anymore and that I wanted to see a coquí, Puerto Rico’s endemic frog. We had been within the green labyrinth of El Yunque, Puerto Rico’s tropical rainforest, for almost four hours. Although I wanted to look up and appreciate the plethora of stars, I kept my gaze down so that the flashlight on my head would light the way. Falling down on one of those paths, full of rocks and roots, while carrying a backpack full of scientific equipment, is not a pretty picture. There were times when I slipped, but still had not fallen. I was in the back of the line, walking slowly to see if I could spot a coquí, but without missing the pace of the team. "Look, Luis," Aura said after a while.

Celebrando la Semana del Planeta Tierra con ACS Puerto Rico

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ACS Puerto Rico celebra la Semana del Planeta Tierra

del 18 al 24 de abril 2021 los invitamos a la serie de actividades que tendremos disponible para ustedes:


** Festival de Química

Sunday 18th / 11:30 am & 2:30 pm

Monday 19th through Thursday 22nd / 7:00 pm

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Curso CRISPR-cas para la manipulación genómica con énfasis en la genética de plantas

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El taller resumirá brevemente el origen del sistema CRISPR-CAS, sus componentes e introducción al laboratorio para alteración de células eucariotas. Se discutirá la importancia del diseño de los oligonucleótidos, la transferencia a plantas, verificación de las alteraciones y el mantenimiento de cepas.

Para inscripción puede accesar al qrcode en la promoción y ahí se registra.  Por e mail marta_ruiz@pucpr.edu





Dr. Ariel E. Lugo Announces Retirement as Director of the International Institute of Tropical Forestry

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San Juan, PR, March 29 2021— Dr. Ariel E. Lugo, Director of the International Institute of Tropical Forestry (Institute) for more than two decades will be retiring on May 2 from the USDA Forest Service after more than 42 years of public service.



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