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What good would science do if findings, ideas, and experimental designs were not shared with others? Scientists share information in many ways, from making presentations at conferences, to writing books or reviews, but the golden standard for communicating reseach findings with others is the peer-reviewed article. Peer-reviewed articles provide all the important details of an experiment so that it may be properly evaluated and replicated, and the strict process of revision and comments from peers ensures that published information is trust worthy.

CURSO GMP-GDP-Uno de los más solicitados-9 de octubre 2021

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Uno de nuestros cursos mas solicitados. En esta ocasión con precios módicos con motivo de nuestro 10mo aniversario. Sábado 9 de octubre 2021, 9:00am-12:00 m, a distancia por Zoom.  Planes de pagos disponibles si se matriculan con tiempo.


Para información 787-841-2000 Ext 2675







PBB Special Issue on Pharmacology across the Lifespan

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We seek scientists who may want to participate in a Special Issue of Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior entitled "Pharmacology Across the Lifespan.”    This Special Issue will focus on the effects of pharmaceutical drugs, abuse substances, hormones and other biological variables, such as enrichment and stress, across the lifespan of both animals and humans.  Topics covered will range from epigenetics and molecular alterations to toxicity and behavior.  If you





Celebrando la Semana del Planeta Tierra con ACS Puerto Rico

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ACS Puerto Rico celebra la Semana del Planeta Tierra

del 18 al 24 de abril 2021 los invitamos a la serie de actividades que tendremos disponible para ustedes:


** Festival de Química

Sunday 18th / 11:30 am & 2:30 pm

Monday 19th through Thursday 22nd / 7:00 pm

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