Ciencia al Servicio "Kit" for STEM educators

As part of its initiative for STEM educators in response to natural disasters, CienciaPR have designed a prototype of an "emergency kit"  for teachers containing accessible and reproducible educational material, with content aligned  to  the Department of Education' of Puerto Rico’s science and math standards (and with the ability to align to other subject standards)  for  elementary, intermediate and higher levels (regular and Montessori), along with guidelines for its implementation. Educational material can be used outside the traditional classroom and does not require the use of electrical power, and/or advanced technology. Materials in each "kit" can cover content for approximately 3-5 months.  

Although the lessons for the kit were developed to be guided by the teacher, we have modified some of them to be used at home, guided by an adult and/or to be used by students. Teachers can use the link and/or download the lessons in pdf to send it to parents/guardians and/or their students and ask them to complete them at home, as remedial material, if necessary.

Let's achieve a resilient education!

"Ciencia al Servicio" Kit Content 

Phase I will be from February to June 2020 and expects to impact at least 150 educators and about 3,000 students. Phase II will be from July 2020 to June 2021 and we expect to distribute the "kits" to educators throughout Puerto Rico.