Ciencia Al Servicio Project

Ciencia al Servicio de Puerto Rico it is an educational project that seeks to democratize and transform scientific education by putting science at the service of society (Science at Service). The program brings together experts in STEM areas, educators and students to implement during the academic year, project-based learning science lessons that:
  • Are developed by teachers and STEM professionals during a summer workshop
  • Integrate project-based learning (PBL) with science education standards
  • Provide role models for students through visits of scientists to schools
  • Provide culturally and socially relevant educational experiences and promote citizen integration and service by students
  • Encourages critical thinking and the development of positive attitudes towards science
During summer workshops, STEM experts and educators receive training in project-based learning strategies, contextualized education, and scientific dissemination. During these sessions, they work together to create the PBL science lessons.
During the academic year, educators implement science lessons in their classroom and STEM experts visit participating schools to offer talks and serve as role models (Ciencia la Servicio), while testing their communication skills. Students in turn conduct activities that develops their critical thinking and outreach activities to present the results of their projects to their communities.


Resources for Ciencia al Servicio participants (Spanish)

Here you will find some of the resources shared with the participants of the Ciencia Al Servicio​ Proyect 

Ciencia al Servicio 2019-2020

Ciencia al Servicio 2018-2019


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