21st PR Neuroscience Conference


Saturday, 1 December 2012 - 9:00am to 6:00pm


Center for Puerto Rico, Sila Calderon Foundation

The Puerto Rico Chapter of the Society of Neuroscience unites neuroscientists across the whole island.  The Chapter is represented by Río Piedras and Medical Sciences Campuses of the University of Puerto Rico, Institute of Neurobiology, Ponce School of Medicine and Universidad Central del Caribe. The diverse research topics conducted by neuroscientists, from neuronal development to neuronal death and aging, exemplifies the development and progress of neuroscience research in Puerto Rico. 

Neuroscience has become the science of the 21st Century.  Neuroscience research has transcended the confinements of the bench to be applied in all aspects of our society.  From the use of the information gathered by brain scanning or imaging to determine the activity related to a stimulus in a court of law to the understanding of decision making for the outcome of the stock market.  The understanding of our brain function goes beyond the generation of new knowledge to the application of that acquired knowledge.  Following this trend, this year our chapter has integrated neuroscientists from different institutions, including Carlos Albizu University and Veterans Affairs Caribbean Healthcare System.  

This year is the 21st Annual PR Neuroscience Conference.  Thus, I hope you join us to celebrate and enjoy 21st century neuroscience research at our 21st annual conference…     

Irving E. Vega, PhD
PR Neuroscience Chapter
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
UPR‐Río Piedras Campus


8:00AM – 8:45AM      Registration/Breakfast        Main Lobby

8:45AM – 9:00AM        Welcome        Amphitheater

9:00AM – 9:50AM        Dr. Kay M. Tye        Amphitheater
Optogenetic dissection of neural circuits in health and disease

10:00AM – 10:50AM        Dr. Yasmin Hurd      Amphitheater
Neurobiology of Addiction disorders and Psychiatric illnesses

11:00AM – 11:20AM            Jose Rodriguez‐Romaguera      Amphitheater
Deep brain stimulation of the ventral striatum enhances extinction of conditioned fear

11:30AM – 11:50AM                     William Castro       Amphitheater
Neuroprotection by 4R-Cembranoid evaluated 24H and 7days after ischemic stroke

12:00PM – 1:00PM        Lunch          Main Lobby

1:00PM – 1:50PM            Dr. Alexei Verkratsky      Amphitheater
Physiology and Pathophysiology of Neuroglia

2:00PM – 2:50PM               Dr. José R. Lemos        Amphitheater
Endogenous feedbacks regulate secretion of neuropeptides from Nerve terminals

3:00PM – 5:00PM            Poster Presentation / Refreshements    Main Lobby



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PR neuroscience 2012

The conference is every year on the first weekend of December and it is free of charge.  Howerver, the registration for this year's conference is closed...