Energy storage: "the fat cows" of our energy future

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Wilson J. González-Espada    
La estudiante Karen Montaño Martínez.

When different sources of energy are discussed, there are those who support fossil fuels and others who support renewable energy sources. It is common to hear people make fun of solar energy and wind. "What is the use of polluting less, if the sun does not shine at night and the wind does not blow all the time," they say.

The answer to the critics of renewable energy is found in the biblical parable of Joseph and the cows. Joseph advises Pharaoh to keep food reserves in times of abundance (fat cows) to cope with the times of lean times, that is, lack of resources.

The trick of renewable energy, then, is to use the necessary energy and store the excess in some way that is accessible at night or on windy days. One of the technologies for energy storage are high capacity battery systems (Battery Energy Storage Systems or BESS).

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