PRIDCO's open call for science and mathematics scholarships for teachers from the Department of Education

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PRIDCO Press Release HATO REY, Puerto Rico – As part of its commitment with promoting the economy of knowledge in Puerto Rico, the interim director of the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO), Lic. Boris Jaskille, announced that applications for the just-created Scholarship Program for Teachers 2006-2007, to pursue master and doctoral studies in the specific areas of sciences and mathematics, are already available, as part of PRIDCO’s new approach through `Operación Mentes a la Obra'. The funds for these scholarships, that ascend to $800,000, are part of the strategy denominated “Mentes a la Obra” and are available for the first time for those sciences and mathematics teachers of the public system, that are pursuing doctoral or master’s studies in these disciplines in nocturnal and Saturday programs or during the summer. “This initiative announced by the Governor earlier this year, goes along with our objective of having an economy based on knowledge and technological innovation. For this, is vital that we begin to offer our teachers the necessary tools to achieve that our students get interested in these disciplines”, said Jaskille. The executive of PRIDCO indicated that the program has will grant $200,000 annually for a period of four years. The selected teachers will receive $6,000 per year for masters – for a maximum of two years and $8,000 for doctorate, for a maximum of five years. “We want to invite teachers interested in continuing their preparation in sciences and mathematics to apply for the scholarships in or before August 1st”, expressed Jaskille. Jaskille indicated that applications for the scholarships are already available through PRIDCO’s webpage Once they have completed the application along with require documents, they have to send them to the PRIDCO Scholarships Program, located in first floor of the company, in Hato Rey. They can also call (787) 758-4747, extensions 2580, 2517 and 2505. This scholarships program for teachers is joins the scholarship program for students in biosciences, that had its call last March and at the moment has granted 31 scholarships and renewed 63 for academic year 2006-2007. This fund for the scholarship program for students in biosciences is funded with $200,000 from PRIDO, $50,000 from the Office of Science and Technology and $90,000 from contributions of the private industry. According to the executive, the industries that collaborated to these scholarships last year were Abbott, Amgen, Checkpoint Systems, Glaxo Smithkline, Hewlett Packard, Lilly of the Caribbean, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Pfizer, St. Medical Jude, Wyeth, Thermo King, Agricultural BSF Product of PR. Jaskille emphasized that these scholarships program for students in biosciences and for teachers are part of an ample governmental policy that looks for to foment the collaboration between the government, the private sector and the academy, and that includes initiatives like Operation Éxito, the Science, Research and Technology Trust and the new virtual community of Puerto Rican scientists, among others.


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