Puerto Rico shines in biotechnology international conference

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Cited from endi.com The pavilion of the Island of Enchantment at BIO 2006, attended by 20.000 people of more than 60 countries, promoted Puerto Rico as suitable destiny for biosciences companies, salsa music and rum included. Puerto Rico was represented by governor Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, who was selected "Governor of the Year in the Biotechnological Industry"; Jorge Silva Puras, executive director of the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company and secretary of the department of Economic Development and Commerce, and members of the academy and the industry. "Enrique Mirandez, director of Biociencias group of the New Development, revealed that they had conversations with diverse companies of biotechnology looking to expand their manufacturing capacity. Among them, is UCB-Bioproducts, a European biotechnology company that according to Mirandez, is already considering Puerto Rico for a possible expansion. On the other hand, Silva Puras indicated that Puerto Rico had the greatest increase in employees in the biosciences sector, in all United States, for the 2001-2004 periods. "During that period 2.200 additional positions were created in the Island’s pharmaceutical companies, for a total of 26.014 employees. The Island represents the 8.3% of the work force in this sector in the US."