The "rebirth" of two tree species in Puerto Rico

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Gerardo E. Alvarado León
Pisonia horneae es un árbol de tamaño mediano, cuyo hábitat está casi restringido al karso del norte de Puerto Rico. (Suministrada)

A recently concluded investigation shed light on the history of two endemic species of trees, which now honor with their names a couple of important women in the dissemination of botanical science in Puerto Rico.

Pisonia Roqueae and Pisonia Bake are the new names that scientists Jorge Carlos Trejo Torres and Marcos Caraballo Ortiz gave to the trees, described for the first time in 1896 and the subject of taxonomic debates since then. Pisonia Roqueae recognizes Puerto Rican amateur ethnobotany Ana Roqué from Duprey, and Pisonia Bakes, to American illustrator Frances Horne.

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