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The UMass Boston School for the Environment (SFE) is a seeking motivated graduate student to work under the mentorship of Associate Professor Helen Poynton.  This applicant will work with a transdisciplinary team conducting a risk assessment of contamination in Vieques, Puerto Rico using a community participatory action model.    This applicant’s specific research will focus on the Ecological Risk Assessment and will utilize molecular and genomic tools to assess past exposures and bioavailability of contaminants including heavy metals and munitions related chemicals.  Interested applicants are directed to consider the two PhD programs in Environmental Science and Marine Science and Technology housed in SFE. This position includes a full tuition waiver for three years and annual stipend consisting of a combination of research and teaching assistantship. 

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in molecular, cell, or computational biology and a passion for environmental health and protection.  Applicants with experience working in Puerto Rico and who can speak Spanish are strongly encouraged to apply, but all applicants with the appropriate background will be considered.   Interested candidates, please contact for further information. 

Applicants can learn more about the Poynton Research Group here:

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